At the rainy summit of Mt. Shiomi in the Minami Alps.

This is a personal website mostly about adventuring into the mountainous regions of central Honshu and occasionally Hokkaido, Japan. I also visit Australia and the U.K.

Originally from the U.K. I moved to Japan in 2001 after completing a BA Honours in Japanese, living for one year on the island of Shikoku before cycling to Kasugai, just outside Nagoya, in the summer of 2002 during a typhoon. I’ve been here ever since.

My wife and I adopted a baby girl in early 2021 and it’s the best (and hardest) thing we’ve ever done. We also run our own private English school and Australia homestay program.

Over the last couple of years I’ve switched from mostly cycling and bike packing to hiking, walking, and rucking and am currently exploring the Japanese Minami Alps and the Nakasendō. That change is reflected in this blog.

A self portrait towards the end of the Nakasendō / Kiso-ji walk.
Nearing the end of the Kiso-ji in Nakatsugawa.

I’ve archived all the bike packing related posts but you can still find them here and the route finder here.

I recently rejoined Twitter after light years away and post occasionally @SeanBreslinJP. But I prefer Vero. You can also find my hikes on Yamap.

I have a monthly newsletter, Restless.

Feel free to get in touch.


Kasugai, Japan. 2022.

*I’m not checking my email, my smartphone is controlling the camera.

**Previously bikepackingjapan.com/outdooradventure.jp

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