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This is my website. It’s mostly about outdoor life in central Japan. It’s main purpose is to motivate me to explore more. Feel free to get in touch anytime.

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Photo Projects

February 2023 – I’m working on updating project pages but it’s going to take forever with a three-year old running around beside me.

On Going Projects

Twenty-Five Thousand Steps to Nowhere – Walking the Nakasendo and Kisoji

Ten Thousand Steps in the City

Yama – Hiking in the Mountains of Japan

Matsuri – Festivals

Past Projects

Royal Trading – Immigrant Car Traders

Kumbh Mela – The World’s Largest Gathering


  • Walking Nagoya 5 – Back to Shinsakae and Chikusa Park
    I wandered, I got lost, I retraced steps, and I found an area that I’d completely forgotten about (never knew existed?).
  • Walking Nagoya 4 – Shinsakae
    I used to walk around Shinsakae, a few minutes walk […]
  • Walking Nagoya 3 – Heiwa Park and Kakuozan
    Hopped on the bicycle and rode to Heiwa Park. Locked it up, took a stroll around the cemetery, sat and had lunch while observing the fishermen along the reservoir’s banks and eventually retraced my steps back to Chikusa, passing through Kakuozan and Niitaiji temple.
  • Restless 19 – Walking Nagoya – Mini Midlife Crisis?
    Restless 19 has just been published. You can find it […]
  • Walking Nagoya 2 – Imaike and Ikeshita in the Rain
    As mentioned in the previous post , Walking Nagoya is going to span a whole year. Between April 2023 and March 2024, my plan is to capture and post photos once or twice a week, whenever my daughter is at pre-school. Can I make it happen? Possibly.
  • Walking Nagoya 1 – Tsurumai Park
    In rediscovering this routine I’ve got back into a rhythm I once embraced many years ago – quietly observing people as they go about their daily lives. Unlike the Nakasendo or Kisoji people are everywhere. This subtler approach is a style that personally resonates.
  • Match Day – 30 Years Later
    When I was a child, my dad used to take me to the Villa. Never Villa. Always the Villa. Even now in my dad’s current state he’ll notice if you ever get it wrong.
  • Walking the Kisoji – Returning to Ōkuwa
    I revisited the small village of Ōkuwa on the Kisoji/Nakasendo earlier this month. I last walked in the area in 2020, but this time, instead of sticking to a defined route, I decided to pick a small section and wander, giving myself the freedom to explore.
  • My Dying Father
    My father is dying. He has an extremely rare brain disease meaning he won’t be around for much longer.
  • Nakasendo – Nihonrain Imawatari to Unuma
    It’s the routine that kills you. Knowing what’s coming when you step out of the front door. I know what’s down the road and I don’t want to walk it.