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This is my website. It’s mostly about outdoor life in central Japan. It’s main purpose is to motivate me to explore more. Feel free to get in touch anytime.

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Photo Projects

February 2023 – I’m working on updating project pages but it’s going to take forever with a three-year old running around beside me.

On Going Projects

Twenty-Five Thousand Steps to Nowhere – Walking the Nakasendo and Kisoji

Ten Thousand Steps in the City

Yama – Hiking in the Mountains of Japan

Matsuri – Festivals

Past Projects

Royal Trading – Immigrant Car Traders

Kumbh Mela – The World’s Largest Gathering


  • Nakasendo – Nihonrain Imawatari to Unuma
    It’s the routine that kills you. Knowing what’s coming when you step out of the front door. I know what’s down the road and I don’t want to walk it.
  • Walking the Nakasendo – Utozaka to Nihonrain-Imawatari
    Last year after finishing the Kisoji I extended the walk by continuing on the Nakasendo, eventually stopping at Utozaka in Mitake, Gifu prefecture. I’ve cycled in Mitake countless times but this was the first time walking in the area.
  • Kōnomiya Hadaka Matsuri – Naked Man Festival
    I’ve never been to the main event. Mainly because it’s usually takes place at around 3 am in early February with thousands of people and the occasional death. It was also postponed for a few years due to the pandemic but things got back to normal last year.
  • Walking Nagoya, Street Photography, The Benefits of Cycling Into a Wall
    In 2014, a few months before quitting alcohol I hit […]
  • Some Things Learnt in 2022
    What did I learn in 2022? Here’s a list.
  • On Being a Photographer and Walking the Kisoji
    I’ve been thinking about my past walks along the Kiso-ji recently and how despite walking numerous times over the course of a year never really felt completely satisfied with what I was doing and photographing.
  • Vero v Glass v Mastodon and What We Should be Doing
    Imagine digital as film – take your time, select and print only the best few. Keep them on hand forever. Photos are your memories. They are for you and your family.
  • Mt. Kazekoshi
    Fourteen kilograms of restless bouncy daughter was too much. I enjoy hiking with her but there comes a time when it’s wise to admit defeat. This hike was me throwing in the towel.
  • Wildlife in an Urban Sprawl
    n recent weeks I’ve started looking much closer at the wildlife around my neighbourhood than ever before and it’s surprising to see what’s right there in front of you, sometimes right on your doorstep.
  • Himakajima
    I first visited Himakajima in 2012 and remember returning home in the evening with a glow of self accomplishment on time well spent. I’d left early in the morning and spent the day wandering and photographing with my cherished Leica M6 and a roll of awful Lomography film. That combination of exploring a new place and getting slightly creative made me happy. I cringe looking back now at my original post now but who cares? Certainly not anyone reading this I presume.