Shonai River Trail Run

A temple roof visible through reeds on the banks of the Shonai River. Black and white.

A personal note.

Mix it up. Try something new. Avoid routine.

You only cycle, or hike, or run in the neighbourhood so go out when it’s 0°C and run in the mud. Bump up the contrast and try black and white again (breaking your own rules as you go).

A trail run. Faster than hiking, more dynamic than cycling or running on pavement, but just as accessible if you know where to look. I’m a newbie but gave it a go. 14kms return. 57 photos – printed 8.

Returning home feeling more alive and creative than when I left. I could have stayed home but I didn’t. The clock is ticking so get it done.

  • A tree silhouette against a blue sky. Shot in black and white.
  • The Shonai River, Nagoya. Black and white photo.
  • My camera bag and gear. Black and white photo.
  • Trail running route along the Shonai River bank. Black and white photo.

Once it’s done, print it, journal it, make a book, then start again from scratch.

Everything you need is right there in your backyard.

  • The trail along the Shonai River. A bridge in the distance. Black and white photo.
  • My feet on the gravel. Black and white photo.
  • The view from under R302 in Nagoya along the Shonai River. Mountains in the distance, concrete bridge in the foreground. Black and white photo.
  • The roof of a temple photographed through reeds along then Shonai River, Nagoya/Kasugai. Black and white photo.

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