Photography: One Road, Ten Photos

One road, ten photos. That was the impromptu task I gave myself as I crossed the Shonai River and headed up the short, steep and hidden climb to Joukoji Park, a quiet, partially gravel road that I’ve ridden up countless times over the years.

I don’t know where the idea came from or how valid it was as a photographic task but once I had it in my head I felt obliged to try. The scenery was awful, the light terrible, motivation almost nonexistent, and camera battery nearly dead. But that is what made it all the more worthwhile – process over result. As Aristotle stated: a life well lived requires activities that require no other purpose than the satisfaction that the activity itself generates. It’s not just photography – cycling, hiking, and most outdoor leisure and creative activities can be included in Aristotle’s words.

So here they are, One Road, Ten Photos. As you’ve probably noticed only six made the cut.

Seto Road-1

Seto Road-2Seto Road-3Seto Road-4Seto Road-5Seto Road-6

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