Mt. Kazekoshi

Mt. Komagatake surrounded by clouds.

Located next to the slopes of the magnificent Chuo Alps in the equally wonderful town of Agematsu on the Nakasendō, Mt. Kazekoshi (風越山) is a mountain I could visit again and again. It is a criminally overlooked mountain judging by the views the route gets on YAMAP. But that’s fine, solitude is a blessing.

The views of Mt. Komagatake (駒ヶ岳) and Mt. Ontake (御嶽山) were spectacular and we timed the hike perfectly finishing just as the clouds rolled over.

But I struggled on this hike.

Fourteen kilograms of restless bouncy daughter, as well as water, camera gear, food, and clothing was too much. It’s an absolute joy (most of the time) to hike with her but there comes a time when it’s wise to admit defeat. This hike was me throwing in the towel. She’s too heavy now (for me) to carry on my back safely. The slopes of Japanese mountains are often unforgiving – relentless gradients often so steep that they make you question your sanity. After all it’s not gear we are talking about but a real human full of infinite potential. The risks aren’t worth it. From now on she’ll either have to walk or we choose gentler mountains. Both, I guess.  

That’s fine with her though. With a rugged Olympus point and shoot in hand she enjoys mimicking me and snapping away. Occasionally she captures a beauty of a photo.

The data and route for the (slow) hike can be found here on my YAMAP account.

I’m on Twitter again after being away for 11 years or so. I’m still not sure whether it was a good idea to return but you can find me here. I’ve also started a Vero and Glass account and prefer them both a lot more to Twitter. You can find me here on Vero and here on Glass.

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