Landscape Photography: Fooling Myself

I can’t take landscape photographs. I’ve tried but I don’t have the patience or the skill. I can sit under a tree or next to a river all day but can’t wait for the best slivers of early morning or late afternoon light to capture a scene. Mountains, cloud inversions, beautiful sunsets are all fine but if they don’t have that human element then it’s difficult to get excited.

It’s always the human element that does it for me.

Always looking over the horizon, wandering and wondering. Wanting to be alone in the mountains but searching for signs of humanity at the same time.

Most trails haver been closed to hikers because of the virus but are reopening on June 1st. This will be my first full season hiking and I can’t wait to get started.

One response to “Landscape Photography: Fooling Myself”

  1. […] I mentioned in a previous post the trails are set to reopen soon and that means longer hiking on more mountains. To get ready I […]


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