Hiking: Mt. Ontake

More from Mt. Ontake. I’m really looking forward to hiking up in winter and exploring the nearby villages a lot more. I imagine it looks wonderful in the snow. I know it does from Inuyama, where I live, nearly 100kms away on crisp winter days.

御嶽山 冬に御嶽山でハイキングや近くの村を探検する事を楽しみにしています。雪の中の御嶽山はきっと奇麗。自分が住んでいるところ、100キロも離れている犬山市から見える冬の御嶽山は間違いなく美しい。山を本当に尊敬しています。








Leica M6 – Fuji Provia 100 / Fuji Instax 210

2 responses to “Hiking: Mt. Ontake”

  1. These are amazing shots. I think you’re developing a real skill in taking photographs of the nondescript, and very difficult to photograph, beauty of rural Japan. The Provia 100 is beautiful, of course, but what about that Instax 210! Great colors.


    1. Thanks Trane!

      I’ve been wondering whether these are any good or not and your comment gives me confidence.

      I feel so much more at ease cycling and photographing in the countryside nowadays compared to the cities and I’m enjoying the ‘nondescript’ more than anything else.


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