Walking Nagoya 3 – Heiwa Park and Kakuozan

A gravestone at Heiwa Park cemetery.

Heiwa Park cemetery, Nagoya.

Walk Three: Heiwa Park – Kakuozan

Hopped on the bicycle and rode to Heiwa Park. Locked it up, took a stroll around the cemetery, sat and had lunch while observing the fishermen along the reservoir’s banks and eventually retraced my steps back to Chikusa, passing through Kakuozan and Niitaiji temple.

To my surprise, I enjoyed capturing photographs in the middle of the day, despite the harsh lighting conditions.

  • A fisherman at Heiwa Park, Nagoya.
  • Heiwa Park cemetery. A crow stands on a gravestone.
  • Two men climbing the steps up to the Heiwa Peace pagoda in Heiwa Park.
  • Gravestones at Heiwa Park cemetery.
  • Downtown Nagoya from a hill in Kakuozan.

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