Walking Nagoya 2 – Imaike and Ikeshita in the Rain

A man stands at a pedestrian crossing in the rain whilst holding an umbrella. Nagoya.

As mentioned in the previous post, Walking Nagoya is going to span a whole year. Between April 2023 and March 2024, my plan is to capture and post photos once or twice a week, whenever my daughter is at pre-school. Can I make it happen? Possibly.

Thankfully, there’s no school in August, which means I can take a break from the regular routine and the summer heat. Trust me, walking in Nagoya during that month would be a terrible idea—it’s scorching hot and unbearably humid. The rest of the year should be fine.

Last week, I kicked off the project in Tsurumai Park. This week I explored Imaike and Ikeshita in a downpour. I got completely drenched. My bag got drenched, and so did my camera. Thankfully everything held up well – the benefits of using good quality gear. As I type my clothes and bag are currently outside drying off.

But I enjoy adverse weather conditions. I relish the thought of being the only one foolish enough to be outdoors photographing, cycling, hiking, or whatever it may be. Of course I’m never the only one, I understand that. But it’s that sense of being the only one that encourages me to step outside.

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