Walking Nagoya 1 – Tsurumai Park

People relaxing in Tsurumai Park, Nagoya.

My daughter has been attending preschool everyday in central Nagoya since mid-April. I take her into school twice a week while mom takes her the other days and this arrangement leaves me with four hours to spare during each trip, which I’ve dedicated to walking and capturing photographs in Nagoya. There’s no plan to give up just yet.

In rediscovering this routine I’ve got back into a rhythm I once embraced many years ago – quietly observing people as they go about their daily lives. Unlike the Nakasendo or Kisoji, people are everywhere. This subtler approach is a style that personally resonates.

Tsurumai Park was my starting point for the last two weeks. There, I encountered individuals enjoying the rose gardens, gardeners meticulously pruning, and others leisurely walking or fending off birds while having their lunchtime bentos. Due to my daughter’s schedule I don’t get to choose the light but I’m okay with that. Today the forecast is for rain. Perfect. Photos to come later.

This is a process I intend to repeat throughout the year, exploring various areas of one of Japan’s largest cities on foot.

I’ve also bought a new camera body, but more on that later.

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