Hiking: Ryugadake

Hiking up Ryugadake in Mie/Shiga, Japan. Poor visibility.

It’s been just over a week since we returned from the UK. Flying back into Japan was a nightmare. If you’re coming back any time soon – especially into Narita or Haneda  – stay calm and remember, it’s not always going to be like this. Well, fingers crossed.

So with the cloud of jet lag still lingering we woke early and headed to the Suzuka Ranges for a short hike up Ryugadake (竜ヶ岳) on the border of Mie and Shiga prefectures.

  • The Suzuka mountain range from Ryugadake on a rainy day.

Despite the promising weather forecast we were treated to cold, fog, and a blustery gale that was ultimately too much for a two-year old. If I’d been alone I would have loved the bad weather. What we thought would involve a gentle climb over rolling hills – somewhere my sister-in-law described as being ‘just like the English countryside’ (despite never setting foot in England) – was actually almost vertical, through forest and over wet and treacherous tree roots, rocks and gravel. No place to be hiking with your daughter on your back.

After an hour or so we broke through the forest, the incline abated and we were on the final stretch to the summit. Normally we would have been treated to great views of Mie and Shiga, possibly Lake Biwa too, with central Nagoya off in the distance. But with visibility low and an increasingly frustrated daughter we decided to call it a day and turn back.

Ryugadake looks promising and I plan to head back there soon, probably alone, in better weather. It also looks like a great hike to do with my daughter when she’s a few years older and wants to walk more herself.

There’s a link to the data on My YAMAP account here.

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