Hiking: Jōkōji – Mirokuyama

A trail runner starting the hike on the Tōkaishizenhodō (Tōkai Nature Trail), in Kasugai, central Japan.

Sore muscles after a long overdue weekend hike, the same hike that had previously taken me almost twenty years. My hiking muscles feel rusty. 

  • The entrance to Ontake Shrine, Kasugai, central Japan. An old stone torii gate surrounded by lush forest.
  • View of a cloudy sky and lush forest while looking out towards Gifu from Kasugai.
  • A small bridge and hidden statue surrounded by lush forest.. Hiking down from Mirokusan, Kasugai.
  • My wet hiking boots on red petals.
  • A small stream flowing out of the woods in Kasugai, central Japan. Lush foliage and and a few old buildings in view.

Saturday was a washout with heavy rain all day but that made for a lush forest with a gushing, overflowing stream running down through it on Sunday. Slippy and treacherous rocks, yes, but if you take it slowly and look where you’re going you have little to worry about. After reaching the top instinct dictated that I follow the stream downhill, observing as it gradually increased in volume. This was the trail chosen by nature and gravity, not the footfalls of fellow hikers. 

I made another video. It’s less than a minute long and I like it that way. Short and simple — a visual record of one morning the day after the rain.

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