Archives: Rainy Season Gifu Ride

Mountain valley in the rainy season. Gifu, Japan.

A large part of Japan is back under a state of emergency until early February which means people aren’t, or at least shouldn’t be, going anywhere far at the moment. It’s frustrating of course but that’s modern life. I’m staying put too so am going to go through past photos of trips, festivals, hikes, and bike rides and post them until life gets back to something approaching normality.

To start with, this is was a ride I did during the rainy season in 2015 in western Gifu. Warm but wet on treacherous roads, views preferable to any blue sky day.

There has always been a part of me that relishes in the knowledge that more than likely I was the only one out there on a road bike that day. Even now as the weekend downpour shows no sign of letting up part of me wants to be outside.

These were taken with my Leica M6 on Fuji Provia. I still enjoy the look of film, Provia in particular despite the magenta colour cast I’m seeing on my screen on WordPress (but not on OSX). But now that time is more limited than ever the convenience of digital is an absolute blessing.

And the more I look at landscape photographs the more it makes sense to include human elements. The landscape is constantly being changed by us, especially in Japan, and hiding that fact feels like a betrayal of reality.

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