Hiking: Shakagadake・釈迦岳

Photo: Scambling up rocks while on Shakagadae, Mie prefecture.

Japan hasn’t been forced into self-isolation yet which honestly is quite worrying. Why is the rest of the world locking its doors while Japan isn’t? There are a few theories as to why the numbers are currently so low but nobody really knows. I’m worried that there’s over-confidence and denial in the air and that it’s going to get out of control very soon.

But either way, and as I mentioned in my last post, I plan to continue life as normal for as long as possible while taking necessary precautions.

This is Shakagadake in the Suzuka Ranges, west of Nagoya. I’ve written about it here in a previous post earlier this year. At 1092m and a round trip of 6kms or so it’s a good morning hike to boost your energy levels.

We all know this already but getting outdoors in nature is imperative to a healthy and sane life. Hiking, cycling, walking, it doesn’t matter, do what you can whenever you can.

The hike can be found here on my YAMAP account.

One response to “Hiking: Shakagadake・釈迦岳”

  1. […] 2020 I hiked up a couple of mountains in the nearby Suzuka Ranges, walked a short section of the Kumano Kodō and Ise-ji, took a group of Japanese kids to Australia […]


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