Hiking: Shakagadake・釈迦ヶ岳

First hike of the year. Shakagadake (釈迦ヶ岳) next to Mt. Gozaisho in Mie prefecture was challenging in places with a couple of almost vertical accents and loose rocks but well worth it. 40 minutes by car from Nagoya the 9km hike in the Suzuka mountain range is easily accessible from Nagoya and surrounding areas. 

Shakagadake, Mie, Japan
Shakagadake, Mie, Japan
Shakagadake, Mie, Japan

As a bonus unlike Mt. Gozaisho there’s no ropeway so there are far fewer people on the trail. Access to the trail and parking can be found here.

I mentioned in a previous post this year that I hope to do a lot more printing on Japanese washi paper so these are scans of washi prints.

A link to the hike data on YAMAP can be found here. My Garmin registered the hike at just over 9kms and Yamap on my iPhone at 6.1kms but I’m inclined to trust the distance recorded by the Garmin more.

Shakagatake on Yamap

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