Photography & Hiking: Hassoyama ・八曽山

Inuyama (犬山市) is famous for its castle and Meiji Mura theme park but the real gem of this small city on the Aichi and Gifu border is the easily accessible network of hiking trails hidden away near Lake Iruka (入鹿池). Recently I’ve been trying to hike and/or cycle there a couple of times a month. It’s a wonderful place to get a few good hours of shinrinyoku and if you head there from late spring to mid-autumn there’s a popular campsite too.

You can’t go on an autumn hike in Japan without some dried persimmon.

On a side note, I’ve rediscovered Awagami washi paper and have been using it to print small postcard-sized prints. I used to print on this paper all the time a few years ago but stopped when my main printer died on me. One of the the popular adages in photography is ‘don’t publish anything you’re not prepared to print’ so for 2020 I’m contemplating only posting scans of prints in an attempt to slow myself down and counteract the instant culture we find ourselves living in today.*

Same mountain, two different signs. Kurodairayama.
Same mountain, two different signs. Kurodairayama.

The route I walked this morning can be found here on Yamap.

Hit the link above to find the route we did on Yamap.
Playing around with the multiple exposure setting on the Lumix G9

*I probably won’t do it but it’s a nice idea.

2 responses to “Photography & Hiking: Hassoyama ・八曽山”

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