Photography: Back in 2010 and when Failed Goals are a Blessing

Back in 2010 I started It was pre-earthquake/Fukushima Japan and I was hooked on photography more than anything else. I wanted to be a photojournalist like all the other Canon 5DMII touting creative wannabes out there in the big wide world. I also wanted to be a wedding photographer and own my own photo studio. Yes, I was naive so like most things in life fate decided it had other plans. Despite the enjoyment from working on photography projects with asylum seekers and refugees in Japan, taking part in the Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshop, photographing Pakistani immigrants, working part-time as a wedding photographer in Nagoya, and working on a host of other projects relating to India, Cambodia etc., I slowly burned out, stopped photographing and pretty much abandoned my goals because at the time I’d have preferred to be cycling. As a result I started, which in turn transformed into to incorporate more hiking.

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

But now, here I am, in my mid-forties hopefully wiser and more confident in myself than I was back then. For the first time in years photography has returned to the simple enjoyment of being outside, exploring with a camera, incorporating cycling and hiking, and most importantly not photographing for Likes and cute little hearts. Abandoning Instagram has been a major factor of which I will always be grateful to Daniel Milnor of Shifter for the motivation – a great photographer that I’ve been following way back since his Smogranch days. And because I’m no longer using Instagram and have nowhere else to post (except for printing for my own private journal – something that now I’m also quite happy to do) I have gone back through all the archives on and made them available here. Furthermore, looking back I’ve realized that there’s a lot that I like about what I was trying to do back then. I may not have pulled off everything that I was aiming for but at least I tried. It would be a waste to let in all wither away in a small corner of the Internet.

Awa Dance, Tokushima.
Phnom Penh market, Cambodia
Asylum Seeker, Aichi
Mt. Gozaishi, Mie
The Ganges, Allahabad

Hopefully you agree. If you do please do have a look and tell me what you think. Some of the formatting is all over the place but that’s something I can live with.

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