Hiking: Mt. Gozaisho・御在所岳

Mt. Gozaisho – This was our fourth time hiking up there this year, including one snow hike, and there’s every chance it will soon become five when the autumn colours are on full display. We were probably at least a week too early this time to see Mt. Gozaisho’s colours in their full glory but that’s fine, it’s only a 50 minute drive (sometimes less) from Nagoya so there’s no excuse not to go again. And if you live in or near Nagoya and like the outdoors I highly recommend giving it a try. There are multiple courses to hike up and if you don’t feel like hiking back down you can always use the ropeway with an onsen at the base.

It was cold, cloudy, windy at the top, and completely overcast. Close to perfect conditions for the kind of photography I like. Far, far more interesting than plain old blue skies.





The trail entrance for the middle trail (中央道) can be found here. This is usually the busier of all the trails, especially on a weekend during the autumn and we descended on the back trail (裏道) which is often much quieter and follows a stream all the way back down. You can find more info on my Yamap account.

The central trail. There’s free parking close to the trail entrance.

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