Photography: Hokkaido

This isn’t directly related to cycling (at the moment) but I recently took a trip to Hokkaido in the depths of winter. Quite simply I wanted to experience the snow that it’s famous for. It lived up to it’s reputation so if you love snow, trees, mountains, and bitterly cold temperatures I highly recommend a trip there. If you plan on cycling, don’t go in winter.


5 responses to “Photography: Hokkaido”

  1. […] winter I went to Hokkaido for the first time in 15 years and I’ve just booked a flight back there again […]


  2. […] As I did last year I’ve just spent time in northeast Hokkaido over the Christmas holiday. In 2018 I went to Furano (富良野) and Biei (美英) photographing typical winter scenes – mostly copying the commonly seen photos of lone trees in a winter landscape. It was worthwhile doing once, but for me that was enough. So this year I chose to visit Kushiro (釧路) in eastern Hokkaido. Doing so gave me easy access to Kushiro Shitsugen (釧路湿原), according to one sign I saw Japan’s largest national park, and a chance to photograph some Steller’s Sea eagles (ōwashi・大鷲) and other wildlife, Lake Akan (阿寒湖) and Lake Masshu (摩周湖), and the North Pacific Hokkaido coast. […]


  3. […] time I’ve been to Hokkaido it has been via Chitose. I don’t know anything about Chitose except that it has an airport and […]


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