Photography & Adventure: Shikoku

Shikoku is probably my favourite place in Japan. It’s the first place I lived permanently in Japan, it’s fantastic for cycling, the people are wonderful, it’s home to the best festival I’ve ever been too, which I went to again this year, but I worry.

What happened in Tohoku in 2011 is predicted to happen again. In fact it is predicted for the whole Pacific Coast of Japan, including Shima and Minami Ise which I visited recently.

Despite the paranoia it’s a place I can’t imagine not revisiting again and again and one day moving back to.







5 responses to “Photography & Adventure: Shikoku”

  1. love these pics. Slide film is so gorgeous but sooo expensive in India:(


  2. These shots are all beautiful. I especially love the first one and the second one — the human labour in these shots set in relationship to the other landscape shots, really works for me. The sunset shot is obviously beautiful as well. Provia?


    1. Thank you. I really enjoying exploring new places on my bike with the camera.

      Yep Provia 100F. By the way, it’s a sunrise 🙂


      1. Sunrise! Clearly you lead a much healthier lifestyle than I do.


  3. Beautiful pictures! I went to Kochi last year and I really enjoyed my time there.


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