Photography: Work

The main reason for the existence of Royal Trading is so that Pakistani community can work, make a living, and send money to families back home. There’s always work being done when I go there. And there’s always time for chai.

Royal Tradingという会社は、在日のパキスタン人たちがパキスタンに残っている家族の家計を支えるためにあります。なので、毎回訪問すると色々な方々が働いています。その中にチャイタイムももちろんあります。

3 responses to “Photography: Work”

  1. Nice series Sean, I really like your film work. What’s your workflow – do you darkroom print or scan (what scanner?) Very nice tones in your images.


    1. Thanks for the comment.

      My workflow?

      Usually Kodak Portra 400 or Ilford Delta 3200 scanned negatives with an Epson scanner (GT-X970 in Japan but 700 or 750 elsewhere I believe).

      I’ve just started playing around with some Ilford HP5 and some Fuji Pro 400 again though.


      1. Thanks Sean. Gotta get me an epson 700!! the canon 9000f is really not that great:(


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