Japan: Himakajima / 日間賀島

My over whelming first impressions of Himakajima.


Lomography 400 film (not sure I want to use it again)

8 responses to “Japan: Himakajima / 日間賀島”

  1. The first two images are cracker! liking your photography sean.


  2. I don’t know if you should discount this film so quickly. The colours you have in these is great.
    Tell me there is more to come. This set has just piqued my interest. Now I’m keen to see details 🙂


    1. I plan to go back all summer. I have a load more photos but I want to explore it more.

      The colours are a bit quirky but I think they’re slowing growing on me.


  3. BYW, super glad I’ve subscribed to your feed.


    1. Same here. I enjoy your blog too.


  4. Isamu Shimazaki Avatar
    Isamu Shimazaki

    I know this island. I usued to be visiting there in summer time.thanks for your wonderful photos about this island.
    I joined the last day for TDPW2011,there I saw your presentation. thanks, Isamu Shimazaki


    1. Thanks.

      I want to go back many more times this summer.
      And thanks for coming to the TDPW presentation. It was a great workshop.


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