India: Haridwar Station Portraits

I added these to Flickr a few weeks ago but have decided to add them here too. These portraits were all taken at Haridwar Station in northern India in December last year. I’d like to return sometime soon and make this a more in-depth project and longterm project.


Haridwar Station 2
Haridwar Station 4
Haridwar Station 5

5 responses to “India: Haridwar Station Portraits”

  1. Beautiful images with wonderful, dramatic lighting….bravo!


    1. Thanks. I’m looking forward to heading back there sometime to shoot again.


  2. This are great. I’m impressed.


    1. Thanks. I want to go back there sometime soon and shoot again.


      1. Me too. It is both. The fascination of the situations, of the observed live, although it’s sometimes stressing there. I’m looking forward to see more of your pictures.


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