Photography: New Project

I watched Julia and Julia a couple of days ago. If you don’t know it it’s the story of Julia, a 30 year old New Yorker, who sets herself the goal of making all the recipes in the other Julia’s French cookbook.
There were over 500 recipes and she gave herself 365 days to complete it. She then started a daily blog where she wrote about her experience. In other words she decided on a project and set herself a goal.

I wrote a short post here last month about the Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshop, in which 30 participants start photographing a project based on social issues in Japan. The project is shot between April and August, and culminates in a 5 day workshop in Tokyo where participants have to present what they have produced – although participants are encouraged to make the project longterm.

Well, I came up with my idea for a project last month (actually I had three but know the one I want to do) and started it today. I don’t even know if I’ve been accepted as a participant of the workshop yet but that doesn’t matter. As Julia Cameron says in The Artists Way, “I know the things I know” and I know that I have to do this project regardless. At one o’clock this afternoon I was sat in a cafe in central Nagoya drinking coffee with a Ugandan refugee, and one hour later I was sat in the visitors room of the Nagoya Immigration Detention Centre chatting with a man who was re-detained last week because his lawyer failed to submit the necessary paper to immigration.

Anyway, I’ve spent the last few weeks gaining the trust of refugees in Nagoya from places such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Burundi and more that I want to photograph longterm. Unsurprisingly a few of them were apprehensive at first but some agreed. Today I finally got the OK from the whole group and the project is underway. My plan is simply to document the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Japan.

I have no idea if it is going to be a success or not, but who does when they start these things? I might be getting in water a little to deep for my own good but as Julia knew it’s good to have a clear goals, focus, and hopefully somebody to guide you.

I plan to write about the experience here. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting photographs of the project yet though.

この間 Julia and Julia という映画をを見ました。ニューヨークに住んでいる30歳のジュリアが、フランスで料理を勉強し、あるおばさんの料理本に載せたレシピを作ってみようと自分自身に誓いました。おばさんの名前も偶然でジュリアでした。500以上のレシピがあって、365日間に全部を作りながら、その経験をブログに載せました。つまり、ニューヨークのジュリアが目標をたてて、プロジェクトを始めました。

先月 Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshopの出来事について載せました。そのワークショップで、30人の参加者が日本の社会について、4月から8月まで写真プロジェクトを立ちあげ、先生たちのアドバイスを貰いながら撮影します。最後に東京で5日間のワークショップを行います。プロジェクトは4月から8月の間ですが、長期間で撮影してみるとよい、と先生たちは勧めています。





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