India: Old Delhi 1

The last two posts were a bit random – I wasn’t sure when I’d be connected to the internet or if I’d even want to go online. Now I’m back home I’ll post photographs from the trip to Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Delhi again. I’ll post in the order that I shot starting then with Old Delhi.

The first time I was in Delhi, 12 or 13 years ago, I wasn’t as interested in photography as I am now. I did take a few shots but they were nothing but simple ‘touristy’ snapshots. But after reading the blogs of quite a few travel photographers who regularly travel to India I realized that Old Delhi is a goldmine of photographic opportunities. So I booked a hotel right in the middle of the area, with a great view of the Red Fort and Jamma Masjid mosque, and spent my first three days shooting almost exclusively in Old Delhi.

There are plenty of colourful walls in Old Delhi
Old Delhi is predominantly Muslim but Hinduism thrives too
Man collecting used newspapers

Boy selling vegetables. Those are actually earmuffs he has around his face
This man sat oblivious to all the Old Delhi chaos around him

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