India: Haridwar Train Station

There’s nowhere in the world that can compare to an Indian train station. Most train stations throughout the world – Western and Japanese anyway – are for the most part sterile places that have serve one function. But every Indian trains station that I have ever been to has it’s own unique character.

I caught the train back to Delhi yesterday and got to Haridwar station late afternoon so that I could shoot for an hour or two before my train arrived. Here are a few photos.

Outside the Station


Indian boy waiting for the train to depart
3rd Class on an India Train
I only wish there was a train on the platform when I took this

4 responses to “India: Haridwar Train Station”

  1. I love these photos – particularly the man in the orange turban.


    1. Thank you! The guy in the turban had a great smile but no teeth so I decided to go with this shot.


  2. Sean,
    Great work at the train station…awesome photos…. you really captured wonderful images here! The double train window and the boy behind the bars are fantastic!


    1. Thanks for the nice comment Karl.

      I was running around the station with my camera in one hand, my clothes back in my other hand, and my camera gear on my back. I’m happy I got anything at all 🙂


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