India: Old Delhi Day ・Day 1 & 2

This place hasn’t changed since I was last here. In fact, now that I know what to expect I thing I like it even more.

I’ve spent the last two days getting very lost in the back streets of Old Delhi. This place is a goldmine for photography. I’ve been drawn to the colours more than anything so here are a few of my favourite photos so far.

I was drawn to the colour combinations here and framed him against the doors to make him ‘pop’. I was going to clone out the litter but quite like it.
Rickshaw driver taking a break. The light hit him, and I saw him, at just the right time.
This man was so happy to get his photo taken. I loved the way he was surrounded by a mass of colour.



As with a lot of Indian men, they look pretty angry when you first try and photograph them, but as soon as you’ve finished break out into a warm, but still small, smirk or acknowledgement.

4 responses to “India: Old Delhi Day ・Day 1 & 2”

  1. brilliant colors Sean!!!! Great shot!!


    1. Good. The colours were exactly what I was aiming for.


  2. I think I like the one at the top the best of all the ones you have posted. They are all great, but this one in particular doesn’t look like anyone else’s picture. It’s brand new ; D


    1. Thanks.

      Yeah… It’s really hard trying to be original in places like this and I doubt I’ve managed it. Still, this was a trip aimed at getting back into the swing of things from a travel perspective so I’m quite happy.
      I’ve got lots more images to sort through, including some taken using a format known as film 🙂


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